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Only few stand the test of evolution, and yet the classic timepiece has done exactly that. 
With a vision to be relevant today, tomorrow and beyond, our focus is to make simple yet spectacular timepieces for the everyday gent. For us, Vintage is not just a reference of style - it is the journey to becoming it. The journey (life) will take you through eventful moments and memorable days to occasions that change your whole perspective. We hope that one day your watch will make you look back at it all. 

Make moments, give it history – let it become vintage.

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The Next Step

Introducing the next chapter in our collection. The model 1820 - Automatic.

We are launcing our first automatic watch this fall. It will be launched in a limited first batch of only 100 pieces. 

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By Skov Andersen

As with our earlier models, we strive to make pieces where simplicity and balance is key, combining classic vintage details with small modern elements. With this approach our designs have a coherent and classic look, while offering different expressions to fit individual desires.

Our new collection is a worthy example of this. It is based on the same movement, but each model showcases different dial designs to give each style its own unique look. To celebrate this achievement we named the collection after our two founders, a naming structure that also unlocks the possibility for exciting design collaborations.

To name each model, we looked back in time to find important moments in the history of the watch to acknowledge those milestones.

1815 – 1821 – 1844 – 1957

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  • Make moments, give it history – let it become vintage

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